UpSpace is a progressive company that provides services in the IT industry for large, small and medium-sized businesses. Our team works to create unique products, following the current trends in the world, and offers individual approaches to each project. We’ve been on the market since 2018 and tend to develop more and more daily. We can help you to stand on the next level of development of your business, creating outstanding results!

Our team employs professionals in their field, as everyone has experienced high-level projects. They are ready to make the best products, so they stand for progressivity and originality. When developing a project, we try to take into account all users actions and give ready-made solutions. Our UpSpace team creates mobile applications using a platform that can create code both on two sites at the same time: IOS and Android. This method will certainly save time and money.

UpSpace cooperates with customers from all over the world, so the company's reputation is very important to us. We value every client and don’t allow ourselves to produce a low-quality product.

Our application developers are certified by Microsoft, which proves once again that UpSpace is a friendly, highly qualified team which is ready for challenging tasks and their solutions.